2018 NAT Document #007


Updated NAT Document #007, 2018 Edition

Issued 10JAN18, Very similar to the 2017 edition, minor changes with the "Free Route" description. Click here for the free download

Updated Sample Oceanic Checklist

Issued 7DEC17, updated with PBN, FANS and new plotting gouge.Compares well with the one found in AC 91-70B. Click here for the free download

FAA's NAT Resource Guide

Issued for the 1st QTR of 2018, updated with PBCS and and RLatSM information. Best results are experienced when used with AC 91-70B as a base document. Click here for the free download

FAA's Oceanic and Remote Continental Airspace Ops

Issued 4OCT16, not really a new document at this point but, this is the beginning of all things international, oceanic or remote for USA operators. Best results from this when used with the documents listed above. Click here for the free download.


1. There is reading homework to be completed

2. Yes, there is a test

3. No, there is not a lot of pictures