2018 NAT Document #007


Updated NAT Document #007, 2018-2 NEW ISSUE 6AUG18

No major changes from the previous 2018 edition. This issue has updates regarding Performance Based Communication and Surveillance, PBCS implementation and the conclusion of the RLatSM trial. These reduced separation tracks are now referred to as “PBCS tracks”. Some deletions of outdated information will go unnoticed to the casual reader but, a sharp eye will find a very small “Definitions” section added to the “Abbreviations” section. Here’s a link to the FREE download

NAT Ops Bulletin, #2017-004, New Issue 6AUG18

This bulletin was previously issued in 2017 and has been recently updated and reissued. This issue contains background information and guidance material to NAT HLA operators on FANS 1/A (CPDLC/ADS-C) operations in the NAT. There is a advisory to “Consult AIS publications of the NAT ATS Provider States” here that drives the reader into the FAA documentation for US operators. It is very helpful to read this with operating knowledge of Annex 2 Rules of the Air, ICAO Document #10037 Global Operational Data Link (GOLD) Manual and ICAO Document # 4444 PANS ATM. Here’s a link to the FREE download

Updated Sample Oceanic Checklist

Issued 7DEC17, updated with PBN, FANS and new plotting gouge.Compares well with the one found in AC 91-70B. Click here for the free download

FAA's NAT Resource Guide

Issued for the 1st QTR of 2018, updated with PBCS and and RLatSM information. Best results are experienced when used with AC 91-70B as a base document. Click here for the free download

North Atlantic Regional Resource Guide, 3rdQuarter 2018 Issued 1JUL18

December of 2017 the FAA released Notice 8900.446 stating operators with current authorization for use of CPDLC would be required to apply for a revised A056 authorization by March 29, 2018 to align with the ICAO mandate for PBCS. Operators hoping to take advantage of reduced spacing on designated PBCS NAT Tracks after that date are required to have PBCS listed on their A056 OpSpec/LOA. The FAA has since extended its deadline for Part 91 operators using CPDLC outside of the designated PBCS NAT Tracks to Sept. 30, 2018. Operators passing through the ICAO NAT region between FL350 and FL390 need to be equipped with CPDLC and ADS-C. All certificated operators using CPDLC require an OpSpec/LOA A056. Part 91 operators only need an LOA if they are using CPDLC or ADS-C outside of the U.S and PBCS performance levels of RCP240/RSP180 if using the “PBCS Tracks”. Here is a link to the FREE download

NOTICES TO AIRMEN, Domestic/International, NTAP August 16, 2018

No change bars are printed in this section from the previous edition. There are several paragraphs that I think are worth highlighting. Here’s a link to the FREE download.

Take a look at pages 3-INTL-12 thru 3-INTL-14.

Communications Requirements In Oceanic Airspace Delegated To The FAA For Provision Of Air Traffic Services

This was an expansion of a KZNY FIR NOTAM that excluded SATCOM Voice from being used as a replacement for HF radios in NYC Oceanic. This paragraph above expanded this and gave more details that applied to Anchorage, Oakland and New York OCA’s. Look for the FAA to further expand the use of SATCOM Voice under certain installations and with particular crew procedures later this year. More as it develops.

Special Emphasis Items For Operations On North Atlantic Tracks/Routes Employing Reduced Lateral Separation andNorth Atlantic Data Link Mandate March 2018 Update

Reading the paragraphs above keep these points in mind….

The NAT SPG is as bedeviled by the Latency Timer issue as what the operators are. The hope was to not have this problem and that 92% of the NAT traffic would be implemented by now. Less than 45% of the traffic is PBCS and Latency Timer compliant. Operators should expect a “SET LATENCY TIMER to XXX” vice the “Welcome to the XXX OCA” for now. You will need to know what your aircraft’s CPDLC Message Latency Timer is capable of AUTOMATIC setting, MANUAL setting or UNALBLE LATENCY TIMER.

Special Notice – NAT ATS Message Format

Want to sound like a professional making that position report or checking the HF? Read this paragraph and you will be on your way!


1. There is reading homework to be completed

2. Yes, there is a test

3. No, there is not a lot of pictures

4. It takes concentrated effort to stay on-top of the changes in the NAT

5. Reviewing current documents goes a long way to getting it right on the first try.