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International Flight Operations Guide, 2019

Pilots and dispatchers operating over the "High Seas" or crossing an international border have had to cope with procedural differences forever. International operators are required to search thru reams of information and hundreds of pages of internet-based details to find what procedures and requirements they are expected to comply with when leaving the US. Then a Advisory Circular or NOTAM changes that information. International operators search for a "Single Source Document" that can educate and inform them on flight operations outside the USA.

International Flight References/Documents

The International Civil Aviation Organization, ICAO does not set requirements but does make standards and recommended practices. These standards and practices are accepted, rejected or modified by individual countries. The State’s AIP is the source document of a country’s procedures and aviation information. The “what” and “how” of instrument procedures in a particular country can be found in their AIP, Aeronautical Information Circulars and NOTAMs. Once inside a country’s borders or operating in one of their territories, what they publish becomes directive.

HAZMAT Dangerous Goods

Your principal just showed up with 4 US gallons of Channel No.5 for transport in the cabin plus 27 kilos of Chinese fireworks for the cargo hold....this is not the time to declare your operation a “Do Not Carry” operation out of ignorance. Or maybe your management plan is loading DG with a label and then hoping for the best outcome? Have your crews ready for the day with information, procedures and coping strategies to comply with the regulations and common sense precautions.

Transport Jet Performance

Just about the time an engine goes BANG is not the place or time for and academic discussion quoting regulations for aircraft certification. Equally, this is not the place to be determining what a runway analysis really was trying to tell you to do or, figuring out how to do it from where you are at right now.

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