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CPDLC Message Latency Timers

NAT Ops Bulletin #2018-02 goes into effect 24MAY2018. This speaks directly to the issue of CPDLC message latency. Here is a link to download a copy. Paragraph 3 in this bulletin contains the expected pilots actions if you receive a CPDLC message to “SET MAX UPLINK TIMER VALUE TO XXX SECONDS”

FAA vs. ICAO vs. EASA Examples

In recent days, I have been witness to several conversations about the interplay between ICAO the FAR’s and EASA. Basically the questions will boil down to two significant issues being debated;

#1 “Why does EASA have the right to inspect our 91/GA aircraft?”

#2 “What class medical exam do I need to operate in EASA countries?”

ICAO Doc#10037, GOLD 1st Edition Review

Early releases of the 3rd edition of ICAO's GOLD docement are started to appear in 2016 The official release of this document was in late 2017 as ICAO Docuemnt #10037, 1st edition. GOLD is a good compilation of CPDLC and ADS-C information from previous ICAO documents. This document is designed to help with uniform application of ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices contained in Annex 2, Annex 10, Annex 11, PANS-ATM, Doc#4444 and Regional Supplementary Procedures Doc #7030.

"Climb/Descend Via" FAA vs. ICAO Explained (Revised SEP2017)

RNAV SID/STARS have made it possible for ATC to reduce their required communication to operating aircraft. Reduced chatter on the radio is helpful BUT this raises the level of ATC clearance understanding and compliance inside our cockpits. ICAO has issued Amendment #7 to Document #4444, PANS-Air Traffic Management. This is effective 10NOV16, just a few days from now. Several significant changes are in this document. The “Descend/Climb Via…” part seems to be getting the most questions and concern.