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Pilot Documentation, Age And Medicals

International Crew Documentation

U.S. flight crews traveling abroad are required to carry all appropriate FAA certificates. Temporary certificates are rarely acceptable. ICAO bases medical certificates requirements on the type of license held rather than specific pilot operation. Airline Transport Pilots are required to have a valid first class medical. These certificates are typically considered valid only to the actual date of exam, not the end of the month.

EASA vs. FAA Maintenance

Just what is a “Maintenance Release?” in FAA Terms?

For the Part 91/GA operator, the key regulation is 91.407. This reads in part: 


(a) No person may operate any aircraft that has undergone maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration unless— 

CPDLC Message Latency Timers

NAT Ops Bulletin #2018-02 goes into effect 24MAY2018. This speaks directly to the issue of CPDLC message latency. Here is a link to download a copy. Paragraph 3 in this bulletin contains the expected pilots actions if you receive a CPDLC message to “SET MAX UPLINK TIMER VALUE TO XXX SECONDS”