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EASA vs. FAA Maintenance

Just what is a “Maintenance Release?” in FAA Terms?

For the Part 91/GA operator, the key regulation is 91.407. This reads in part: 


(a) No person may operate any aircraft that has undergone maintenance, preventive maintenance, rebuilding, or alteration unless— 

CPDLC Message Latency Timers

NAT Ops Bulletin #2018-02 goes into effect 24MAY2018. This speaks directly to the issue of CPDLC message latency. Here is a link to download a copy. Paragraph 3 in this bulletin contains the expected pilots actions if you receive a CPDLC message to “SET MAX UPLINK TIMER VALUE TO XXX SECONDS”

FAA vs. ICAO vs. EASA Examples

In recent days, I have been witness to several conversations about the interplay between ICAO the FAR’s and EASA. Basically the questions will boil down to two significant issues being debated;

#1 “Why does EASA have the right to inspect our 91/GA aircraft?”

#2 “What class medical exam do I need to operate in EASA countries?”