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HAZMAT Dangerous Goods

Your principal just showed up with 4 US gallons of Channel No.5 for transport in the cabin plus 27 kilos of Chinese fireworks for the cargo hold....this is not the time to declare your operation a “Do Not Carry” operation out of ignorance. Or maybe your management plan is loading DG with a label and then hoping for the best outcome? Have your crews ready for the day with information, procedures and coping strategies to comply with the regulations and common sense precautions.

Transport Jet Performance

Just about the time an engine goes BANG is not the place or time for and academic discussion quoting regulations for aircraft certification. Equally, this is not the place to be determining what a runway analysis really was trying to tell you to do or, figuring out how to do it from where you are at right now.

About Us

My name is Guy Gribble and I would like to introduce you to International Flight Resources, LLC. We are a pilot focused information services and training provider emphasizing International Operations and Human Factors training.

Flight Following Intl' Ops

International travel involves extensive attention to detail that must be timely, correctly documented and properly acted upon. A trip that is not well planned can cause complications, delays and/or denial of entry/exit. Begin the planning with the basic “who, what, where, when, how” when preparing an international itinerary. Below here are some of general subjects that should be covered in ANY trip planning and traning programs for Schedulers/Dispatchers.