FANS1/A, Datalink and PBCS


FANS and Datalink Operational Training

The FAA requires FANS operators to be familiar with the procedures and regulations prior to operational use of FANS equipment. This is issued to the operator in the form of an LOA or OpsSpec. Instaliation verification, pilot/dispatcher cademics will be required by the FAA. A proficiency demostration can be expected based on the operator's previous regional experience and performance results. This course will review Air Traffic Management procedures  and clearances and a systematic look at the "Why" behind CPDLC, ADS-C and SATCOM Voice procedures. Specific operational differences to various regions will be covered.This is a series of 24 units of voice over slides presented via a “Cloud” based system. Each unit is between 9-15mins in duration. A one question quiz after each unit is required to be completed in sequential order to progress. You should be able to use any tablet, laptop or home based computer to access the course.
A solid internet connection with moderate speed is all that is really needed. The final stage to completion is the 35 question end-of-course exam, 80% or better to complete. After the exam, please look for the “Trophy” icon and click on it to print/save a PDF of your completion certificate. 3-4 hours for completion is the average time.
Below here is a general outline of the subject covered in this course. For more Information on pricing and availiablity,please email us with the contact form on this page.
14 CFR 91.511 Requirements, Exceptions and procedures
ICAO Annex 2 Requirements vs. ICAO Annex 6 Requirements
Very-High Frequency Radios, VHF, Requirements for carry and Limitations
High Frequency Radios, HF, Requirements for carry, Limitations, Procedures for use
Selective Calling, SELCAL, Requirements for carry, Limitations
Satellite Communication, SATCOM Voice, Limitations and Procedures for use
Secondary Surveillance Radar, Locations and Usage
Voice Reports, Requirements for International Operations
Performance Based Communication, PBCS RCP240/RSP180 Operations
Controller to Pilot Datalink Communication, CPDLC
General Concepts and Limitations for usage
Human Factors Limitations for usage
Data Link Communications Operation and Expected Flightcrew Response
Requirements for International Operations
Use during ICAO Document #4444 Contingencies
Abnormal Operations
MMEL Provisions for Systems Related to CPDLC Operations
Domestic CPDLC-DLC employment
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast, ADS-B
    • Overview of Equipment Operation
    • Human Factors Limitations for usage
    • Requirements for International Operations
    • MMEL Provisions for Systems Related to ADS-B Operations
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance–Contract, ADS-C
    • Overview of Operation
    • Reporting elements of Lateral, Vertical and ETA estimates
    • Human Factors Limitations for usage
    • Use during ICAO Document #4444 Contingencies
    • Requirements for International Operations
    • Abnormal Operations
    • MMEL Provisions for Systems Related to ADS-C Operations
  • Required Reporting
    • Turbulence
    • Icing
    • Metrological