January 2020, NAT Document #007 Summary

The North Atlantic Systems Planning Group, NAT SPG has published the newest version of NAT Document #007, North Atlantic Operations And Airspace Manual. This is the “How-To” book for operating in and around the NAT HLA. Here is a link to the download.

There are not many large procedural or philosophical differences from the previous edition issued in July of 2019. The incorporating of the NAT Data Link Mandate is the standout for differences from the previous edition. This seems to touch just about every chapter in this new document. You will find better-defined references and updated sources of Oceanic/Remote along with CNS information for all operators. Of course, there are editorial changes across this new document. 

Please keep in mind, this is not a stand-alone single source document. This must be understood with ICAO Annex 2 and 6, Document #4444, #7030 and your individual LOA/OpsSpecs, AFM, QRH and company IOM. There is a helpful list of additional reference material in Attachment #11, FAA’s AC 91-70B and the North Atlantic Regional Resource Guides.

Here is a link to my 8-page summary of NAT Document #007, Version 2020-1 in PDF form.


1. References and documentation are updated and well detailed

2. Proven risk and error mitigation procedures are spelled out

3. New contingencies and documentation guidance is presented

4. Spend some time here before your next crossing and you will be pleased with the results.