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On-Line International Procedures Recurrent

This is a series of 38 units of voice over slides presented via a “Cloud” based system. Each unit is between 9-15mins in duration. A one question quiz after each unit is required to be completed in sequential order to progress. You should be able to use any tablet, laptop or home based computer to access the course. A solid internet connection with moderate speed is all that is really needed. This material will cover general oceanic and remote operations, Atlantic Ocean crossings and flight operations inside European airspace. After the last unit, there is a course critique. Please give me your honest feedback. The final stage to completion is the 35 question end-of-course exam, 80% or better to complete. After the exam, please look for the “Trophy” icon and click on it to print/save a PDF of your completion certificate. 6-7 hours for completion is the average time. For More Information Please Email us with the contact form on this page.

Specifc Course Modules Offered, (Initial and Recurrent)

International Procedures, North Atlantic and Europe  Operations


International Procedures,  South America, Latin America and Caribbean Operations

INTERNATIONAL PROCEDURES, Alaska, Canada and Gulf-of-Mexico Operations

FANS/Datalink Operations

RVSM and TCAS II Operations

TERPS vs. PANS-Ops Procedures Differences

International Altimetry Procedures 

International Meteorology