LOA B034 Decommisioned

As of 18FEB20, LOA B034 for Part 91/GA operators has been “Decommissioned” by the FAA. OpSpec B034 for commercial and Part 91K is still active. 

This means that an AFM or POH statement of compliance with RNAV-1 or  RNAV-2 do not need to separately demonstrate compliance with RNAV 5 criteria. Consequently, there is no longer a need for part 91 LOA B034.FAA POIs will discontinue work on reviewing an application or requests to amend an existing part 91 LOA B034.

Standby for your POI to inform your operation of the decommissioning of part 91 LOA B034, as time permits. Inspectors need not request that Part 91/GA operators surrender their LOA B034.

This notification will also include advising the operators that LOA A004, Summary of Authorizations will also be updated to remove LOA B034 and that their issued LOA B034 will be archived. Within 1 year, inspectors should update, and reissue affected part 91 operators’ LOA A004 to reflect the decommissioning of LOA B034 and archive the issued LOA B034.


1.Expect that the Regional Resource guides to be updated in 2nd quarter of this year. Expect also that AC 90-96 to be removed from current status.

2. Please see FAA Order 8900.539, Decommissioning LOA B034, Navigation Equipemnt Eligibility to Operate in Terminal and EnRoute Airspace Desginated as P-RNAV and/or B-RNAV/RNAV-5 Airspace for Part 91