Oceanic/Remote Long-Range Navigation

Oceanic/Remote Navigation Training....I already HAD this, Why Should I do it Again ?

Navigation training is basic to piloting skills. Academic skills learned in pilot training are rarely kept current and transferred into modern computerized cockpits. Operational knowledge....as old as time, as complicated as the most modern FMC, drives us to become “Children of the Magenta”. When is the last time you recalled the importance of a plotting chart, a compass and a watch? What about why an Equal Time Point is only the beginning of the divert decision? More importantly are you proficient in the equations and drills necessary to return to to land once oceanic and only have 30-minutes of battery life left? Advanced avionics demand that pilots ask the correct questions to get the data and information that we need in these circumstances.

What Does International Flight Resources’ Training Cover? The core outline we use comes from a compilation of FAA Order 8900.1, Flight Navigator’s Handbook and the Advanced Avionics Handbook. Below here is a partial list of the subject material covered.

  • ICAO operational rules, regulations and procedures
  • Use of oceanic flight planning charts
  • Preparation of FAA international flight plans
  • Preparation and use of flight logs
  • Route planning within the special area of operation
  • Oceanic/Remote Enroute procedures
  • Long-range, air-to-ground, communication procedures
  • Structure of the special area of operation
  • Air traffic clearances
  • The navigational facilities and procedures
  • Long-range navigation procedures associated
  • ETP and Wet Footprint Calculations
  • Divert Planning and Considerations

How Long is This Going to Take and How Much Does it Cost ?

A customized International Aviation Navigation recurrent is available. Depending on previous experience and familiarity with the subject material, a half-day is usually all that is required. Please contact us (via the contact form on the right side of this page) to discuss your specific requirements. We can provide you with a detailed cost estimate, standard rate sheet and course outline for your budgeting decisions.