Transport Jet Performance

Just about the time an engine goes BANG is not the place or time for and academic discussion quoting regulations for aircraft certification. Equally, this is not the place to be determining what a runway analysis really was trying to tell you to do or, figuring out how to do it from where you are at right now. Practical application of performance numbers and contingency procedures begin with a true appreciation for what an aircraft can do for you, where regulators and procedure designers are providing you numbers and subtle warnings backed up by procedures that can give bold cautions for your operation.

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Informational Publications

A Review of Transport Airplane Performance Requirements Might Benefit Safety, by Joop H. Wagenmakers. Published in Flight Safety Digest, 3Feb00

How Much Runway is Enough?

Published in Aviation Week magazine 1OCT12
Boeing RTO Video

Informational Regulations

FAA Airport Obstacle Analysis Webpage