Worldwide Meteorology

I Know How to Read a TAF/METAR, do I REALLY Need This ?

Aviation Meteorology is a required subject in academic training from the very beginning of pilot certification. Basic principles are learned and once operational flying begins, it is common to just let the “Weather Guess’er” do this for for us. It is equally common to be caught unaware of a change in the weather and then blame the same provider. Advanced understanding of regional weather, seasonal effects on flight planning decisions and useful knowledge of operational warnings and alerts are what we are providing here.

What Does International Flight Resources’ Training Cover?

The core outline we use comes directly from the FAA aviation safety inspector’s (ASI) Handbook, (FAA Order 8900.1, Vol.4, Chapter 12). Below here is a list of the subject material covered.

  • ICAO measurement standards and operational rules, regulations and procedures
  • International meteorology including significant weather charts, prognostic weather charts, tropopause prognostic charts
  • Terminal weather and seasonal conditions
  • Over the route to be flown, the airports to be used and the terrain and minimum safe altitudes
  • The meteorological, communication and air traffic facilities, services and procedures.

Added to this core are subjects like: Volcanic Ash procedures, Typhoon/Hurricane development and tracking resources and Space Weather education and advisory locations. This really becomes the operator’s complete picture of the changing environment that they are operating in.

How Long is This Going to Take and How Much Does it Cost ?

A customized International Aviation Meteorology recurrent is available. Depending on previous experience and familiarity with the subject material, a half-day is usually all that is required. Please contact us (via the contact form on the right side of this page) to discuss your specific requirements. We can provide you with a detailed cost estimate, standard rate sheet and course outline for your budgeting decisions.